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Bible Study: Pastor Randy James
Topic: The Spirit of Jezebel in the Church

Scripture Reading: Revelation 2:18-20, 26, 1Kings 14:18-19, 1Kings 16:30

Without question, the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning and seductive spirit in satan's hierarchy has to be what many call the Jezebel spirit.

It is note-worthy that the name "Jezebel"  literally translated means without cohabitation. This simply means she refuses to "live together" or "co-habit" with anyone.

Jezebel will not dwell with unless she can control and dominate the relationship. This evil spirit has been responsible for not only tearing down churches, pastors and different Christian ministries, but it has also been responsible for breaking up many marriages, friendships, and companies; along with getting many people to commit cold-blooded murders and suicides.

The spirit of Jezebel is a Controlling spirit working through the lust of the flesh! When this spirit of Jezebel begins to manifest in the church, it seeks a high seat in the church or a place of dominance. Usually it will manifest in someone who wants to teach or lead, usually leading them astray! To find that place of leadership Jezebel must look and act in a spiritual manner.

Look for Jezebel to target women who are embittered against men, either through neglect or misuse of authority. This spirit operates through women who, because of insecurity, jealousy or vanity desire to dominate others.

While she uses every sexual perversity known in hell, immorality is NOT the issue; CONTROL IS WHAT SHE SEEKS, using the power of sexual passions for the purpose of possessing men. It is important to note that, while men in leadership are the main targets of most principalities, Jezebel is more attracted to the uniqueness of the female psyche and its sophisticated ability to manipulate without physical force.

To a woman under the influence of Jezebel "conquering" a man need not involve physical contact if a seductive glance or her eyes will capture him.

This spirit was sitting in the church in Theatric when the Holy Spirit exposed it nineteen hundred years ago (Rev. 2:19-29) It still has its favorite seat in church. There are respectable men who love God and who seek to serve Him, yet secretly in their hearts are prisoners of Jezebel. Only through the Holy Spirit can you overcome the Spirit of Jezebel in the church