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Bible Trivia Questions

1. What was Jesus trying to teach the Disciples when He fell asleep on the boat during a fierce storm?

2. From the land of Kadeshbarnea until the Hebrews arrived at the brook Zered was how many  years?

3. Who is describe as the voice of one calling in the desert?

4. Where was Solomon anointed King of Israel?

5. When Solomon was gathering materials to build the temple, what sort of trees did he desire from Lebanon?

6. Where was the Ark of the Covenant housed before Solomon brought it to the temple?

7. How many cities did Solomon award Hiram of Tyre?

8. After whom is the city Samaria named?

9. With which article of clothing did Elijah part the waters of the Jordan?

10. What appeared just before Elijah was taken up into Heaven?